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Treeplast Materials and Products are manufactured in Europe

Treeplast Materials in new moulds
For the best result we can develop a mould for your product. We can advice you in adapting the mould to the demands for your product and the properties of the materials.

You have to decide what properties are important for your product or service. Should your product last long? Is it used in outdoor environment, or will you throw it away? These questions needs to be answered before we can provide you with the right material and the right solutions for your product. We can do a quick scan for your product regarding the feasibility, but we may also be able to help you working out some wild ideas!

Treeplast Materials workshop
One of our tools is to provide your company or design group with a workshop regarding green materials or some Life Cycle Analysis of your existing products. It is hands-on so do expect practical results!

We have done workshops for Treeplast in Europe and Asia. In companies, for designers and Universities. Please inform about the possibilities for your needs.

Treeplast Materials colors
Colors is a big issue with the bio-based products. We can incorporate specially designed bio-based colors with restrictions on the use of metals. The use of colored Treeplast is possible, but we can also use our special master batches made in cooperation with our partners.

Treeplast Materials in existing moulds
This was the start of the Treeplast project a couple of years ago together with European Companies, Research Institutions and Universities.

To transfer an existing product into a bio-based product you'll have to take into account that bio-based materials are different thatn the materials you are used to. In general you can say that the bio-based materials are heavier, more brittle and less fluent. Demoulding is more challenging than with ordinary plastics.

Materials used are PLA based, lignite based and other composites containing cellulose (fibres).



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