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TREEPLAST® combines natural appearance, touch and feel with freedom in shape!

Treeplast is our answer to plastics when it comes to 100% natural composites based on wood . Treeplast is pure and doesn't contain oil-based plastics: all our 'bio-plastics' are fully renewable and biobased.

We are experienced designers in bio-based materials, we know all the ins- and outs of working with these materials and we are able to provide you with the right design for a bio-based product!

Along the way (yes, bio-based materials are not new) we developed a new way of looking at bio-based products. Working on the look and feel of durable products and the right combination of raw materials.

We are able to help you further when you are ready to develop a new product in bio-based materials.



Featured Products

The Tree-Pod shows you a durable product with realy strong properties.
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The Straw bale screw is used in staw bale buildings in Austria.

The Skipstone is a great way to tell the story of bio-based products.
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